The Truth About Medicare

    The Truth About Medicare

    Dan Maffei’s claim that ,”Ann Marie Buerkle would end Medicare as we know it,” was rated by Poltifact, (a non partisan, Pulitzer Prize winning fact check organization) as the 2011 Lie of the year!

    Dan Maffei is running false ads attempting to scare seniors into voting for him. The truth is Ann Marie believes that Medicare is a promise to our seniors that must be protected. When Dan Maffei voted for the Affordable Care Act, he voted to cut benefits to current Medicare recipients by 716 Billion dollars.

    Ann Marie Buerkle does not support any changes to Medicare for any current recipients or those nearing retirement. Her own mother is 91 years old and depends on Medicare. For Ann Marie, Medicare is not a political issue, it’s a personal issue. And because Medicare is so important, Ann Marie believes that we must strengthen and preserve it so that when our grandchildren retire, it is there for them also.

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