The Truth about Dan Maffei

    The Truth about Dan Maffei

    Dan Says in one of his commercials: “Growing up on the East side he saw the struggle first hand working at his family’s small business, trying to make it.”

    1. Mr. Maffei is actually a Washington insider, having spent almost his entire professional life there (1993-2005, 2008-2010).
    2. Most of Mr. Maffei’s time in Washington was spent working for corrupt Congressman Charlie Rangel, who Mr. Maffei still refers to as “a great American.”
    3. After 2005, Maffei moved to Syracuse where he continued his work as a political insider and began a new career as a professional candidate for Congress.
    4. After 2008, Mr. Maffei finally returned home to Washington, D.C. as a member of Congress, where he voted 96% of the time with Nancy Pelosi.
    5. Once back home in Washington, Mr. Maffei consistently voted for higher taxes, calling tax cuts “nothing less than a gift of public funds to wealthy people.”
    6. While home in Washington, Mr. Maffei voted for the failed $787 billion stimulus that created jobs in foreign countries, but drove America’s unemployment rate even higher.
    7. Mr. Maffei has continually had an Anti-jobs record – Key business organizations have consistently given him poor marks for his anti-jobs record. In 2010, the US Chamber rated him 25%, the National Association of Manufacturers rated him at 39%, and the National Retail Federation rated him at 25%

    The commercial goes on to say…”Though he wasn’t there long, he saw what’s wrong with Washington.


    Mr. Maffei’s definition of “wasn’t there long” goes far beyond stretching the truth. Most people consider 15 years to be a pretty long time. Having spent nearly 15 years as a Washington insider, Mr. Maffei has come to symbolize everything that is wrong with Washington DC.

    In fact, in 2010, Mr. Maffei gave away taxpayer-funded bonuses to his Washington, DC staff totaling nearly $200,000!

    Mr. Maffei’s move was so brazen that the Syracuse Post-Standard slammed his actions, saying “he treated taxpayer money as if it were their own when they bestowed huge pay increases on their staffers on their way out the door.” Click here to read the full Post-Standard article

    Out of the 434 House members in office at the end of the year, Maffei had the sixth-highest percentage increase in payroll compared to the first three quarters of 2010, according to LegiStorm, a Washington, D.C., organization that tracks congressional financial reports.

    Mr. Maffei’s commercial claims “he opposed the Wall Street bailout so instead we could invest right here.”


    Instead, Mr.Maffei voted for the failed $787 billion stimulus package that drove unemployment higher and sent our jobs to foreign countries.

    Mr. Maffei said he will “rebuild our infrastructure, and help small business thrive.”


    Mr. Maffei has no significant private-sector work experience. He just has a track record as a Washington insider.

    Mr. Maffei certainly doesn’t understand what it takes to help small businesses. That’s why the nation’s largest small business organization, the NFIB, has enthusiastically endorsed Ann Marie Buerkle. It’s also why key business organizations have consistently given him poor marks for his anti-jobs record..