Adopt-a-Voter is a way for you to personally encourage and motivate your friends to vote for Ann Marie Buerkle on Election Day. It is a very simple way to show your support and help Ann Marie win in November!

    As a “parent,” you will log onto a webpage where you can search for your family, friends, and neighbors and “adopt” them. Everyone has a network of people they interact with daily. Luckily, we don’t need you to reach everyone in that vast network. We only ask that you adopt 25 family, friends, or neighbors. After you’ve selected a group to adopt, we’ll give you cards to personally address and sign, and our office will send out these personalized cards a couple weeks before the election to your friends and family.

    Please note that the FINAL DATE to adopt will be Monday, October 8th.  After this date, we will print postcards for you to sign and send out to the adopted voters.

    If you would like to sign-up to become a parent, please fill out the form below, and Christie O’Brien, the Adopt-A-Voter Coordinator will be in touch. For questions, please contact or .


    Comments or questions are welcome.

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